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Immunohaematology & Blood Transfusion
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Departmental Technical  Training Manual 2015 edition

A Departmental Technical Manual exists since the inception of this department. The manual has been constantly revised & updated, the last being in 2015. This manual is a concise collection of all issues related to practical aspects of transfusion medicine & is issued to candidates of all courses being conducted by the department. This manual is used by blood banks in all Armed Forces Hospitals & is also very popular in civil blood banks.

Publications : Journals
  • Surg Capt RS  Mallhi, Maj Sudeep Kumar Col J Philip. A Comparative Assessment Of Quality Of Platelet Concentrates Prepared By Buffy Coat Poor Platelet Concentrate Method And Apheresis Derived Platelet Concentrate Method  Indian J HematolBlood  Transfus
  • SurgCapt R S Mallhi, Col T Chatterjee, Col J Philip, Maj U Dimri Presence of atypical antibody (anti -Jka) in a multitransfused Thalassemia patient MJAFI
  • Surg Capt R S Mallhi, Maj U Dimri,Maj DRSA Jayamanna & Col J Philip, Presence of atypical antibody (anti -c) in a cardiac surgery patient Indian J Hematol Blood  Transfus
  • Surg  Capt R S Mallhi , Maj Neerja Kushwaha, Maj  Amit Ajay Pawar . Blood donor deferral: Do we need to revise our strategy
    Indian Journal of Applied Research
  • Surg Capt R S Mallhi , Maj U Dimri.Stringent donor selection still hods the key in preventing Transfusion transmissible infection: results of a fifteen year study Indian Journal of Applied Research
  • R.S. Mallhi, A.K. Biswas, J. Philip, T. Chatterjee. To study the effects of gamma irradiation on single donor apheresis platelet units by measurement of cellular counts, functional indicators and a panel of biochemical parameters, in order to assess pre-transfusion platelet quantity and quality during the shelf life of the product Jan 2016 MJAFI
  • Brig R.S. Sarkar, Col J. Philip, SurgCapt R.S. Mallhi, DrNeelesh Jain Drug-induced immune hemolytic anemia (Direct Antiglobulin Test positive) MJAFI
  • Brig R S Sarkar, Col J Philip, SurgCapt  R S Mallhi et al: Proportion of Rh phenotypes in voluntary blood donors:
    MJAFI- Sep 2013
  • Col J Philip,  Maj Samantha, Col T Chatterjee, SurgCapt RS  Mallhi, Maj Sudeep Kumar The possible advantages of cryoprecipitate prepared from Fresh frozen Plasma from blood stored for 24 hrs spring 2014,  vol 45 ,  lab Medicine
  • Col J Philip, Maj S Kumar, Col T Chatterjee, SurgCapt R.S Mallhi: Prevalence of Alloimmunization to Human Platelet Antigen Glycoprotein and Human Leucocyte Antigen Class I in β Thalassemia Major Patients in Western India
    Indian J HematolBlood  Transfus.2013 Aug
  • Col J Philip, Maj AK Biswas, Col T Chatterjee, SurgCapt R S Mallhi Fenwal Amicus or Fresinius .Com? A comparative  analysis of various aspect of platelet apheresis on two cell separators including flowcytometric estimation of platelet activation
    Lab Medicine
  • Col J Philip,  Maj Samantha Kumarage, Col T Chatterjee, SurgCapt RS  Mallhi, Evaluation of Random donor platelet produced from Buffy coat stored for 24 hrs at ambient temperature should this be implemented in India? IJHBT                          
  • Col J Philip  Maj N Kushwaha Col T Chatterjee SurgCapt RS Mallhi Optimizing cord blood collection : Assessing the role of maternal and neonatal factors AJTS
  • Joseph philip, sudeepkumar, Tathagata Chatterjee, Rajeev Mallhi, Knowledge of transfusion medicine among resident doctors in clinical specialities: A cross-sectional study from a tertiary care center. IJHBT
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  • Col Philip, Maj NeerjaKushwaha, Neelesh Jain Report of two cases of anti-M antibody in antenatal patients AJTS
  • Col J Philip, DrSumathi, Maj AK Biswas, Maj Neerja Kushwaha Red cell alloimmunization in multitransfused patients in a tertiary care center in India Lab Medicine
  • Col T Chatterjee, Col J Philip, Maj Gen Velu Nair AVSM, VSM**, Surg Capt RS Mallhi, Maj Hemant Sharma Col P Ganguly, Maj AK Biswas Inherited Factor deficiency & its management in Transfusion Medicine MJAFI


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