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College of Nursing

college of nursingCollege of Nursing, AFMC was raised on 10 Nov 1964 with the affiliation to Pune University and conversion of the erstwhile School of Nursing. It is recognized by Indian Nursing Council and Maharashtra Nursing Council.  The College believes in preparing Nurse practitioners, who will be able to function as efficient ward managers and educationalists for all three services viz- Army, Navy and Air force. The ethos of discipline, commitment ot service and team spirit has been a positive influence on the development of this institution. The first Batch of BSc Nursing consisted of fifteen students which has now been raised to 40. Mrs A Mani the first principal a civilian faculty reigned the College till 31 December 1981 till an eligible MNS Officer could take over the post of Principal. Since 1998 the College is affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences Nashik. The College has inaugurated its Golden Jubilee Year on 11 Nov 2013, second phase and closing ceremony of the Golden Jubilee year celebration will be held in the month of February and November 2014 respectively.

At present College of Nursing is conducting different University and DGAFMS recognized nursing programmes. The specialised training for Nursing Officers in Orthopaedic Nursing and Operation Theatre Nursing was introduced in the year 1974 & 1978 respectively. The PBBSc programme was added in the year 1987. The seats for PBBSc Nsg have been increased from 08 to 20 from September 2013.  The College of Nursing remained the IGNOU study Centre from 1996 to 2007. Since 1997 the College has been recognised for NSS activities. Besides this, College of Nursing has also been identified as a centre for GFATM activities since 2000. Post graduate programme in Nursing commenced in the year 2008 with four specialities (Medical Surgical Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Nursing, Child Health Nursing AND Community Health Nursing). Post graduation in Mental Health Nursing as a speciality was added to Post graduation course in the year 2011.


    • This college  aims at maintaining  academic excellence and constantly strive  in its quest to achieve  high standards of patient care through setting standards and research
    • The patient as an individual is  viewed as a holistic being and  efforts of faculty are directed towards furthering  this concept among students who are future of nursing
    • Faculty believes in preparing qualified nurses who will work with utmost compassion, selfless devotion and professionalism, surpassing personal needs irrespective of caste, colour, creed, and nationality.
    • Faculty believes that family has a very important role in patient care and concept of family centered approach is fostered in minds of students both in hospital and community.
    • Faculty believes in the overall development of students as a person and useful citizen.