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Department of Hospital Administration
Publications : Books

Logistics Management in Military Hospitals – 2007

A Guide to Financial Management in Military Hospitals – 2006

Patient Safety in Hospitals – Principles & Practice (in collaboration with WHO) – 2009

Management of Armed Forces Hospitals – 2008

Publications : Journals
    • A Chakravarty   Study of Attitude of frontline clinicians and nurses towards adverse events  Original Article National (MJAFI)
    • A Chakravarty   The Paradigm of End of Life Care Decisions Original Article National (Journal of Medical Ethics)
    • A Chakravarty Patient satisfaction survey in the OPD services of a Tertiary Care Hospital Original Article National(MJAFI)
    • A Chakravarty   Use of Servqual for evaluation of patient satisfaction at the Dental OPD Original Article National (MAJAFI)
    • A Chakravarty  Evaluation of Alcoholic hand rub solution for hand-washing Original Article National (Journal of AHA)
    • Col Punit Yadav Planning and equipping medical kits for combat environments  Original Article National (Combat Medic)