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Publications : 2009 -2015
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  • Latest Publications by the department
    1. Puri P,  Sharma PK, Sashindran VK etal; Liver dysfunction and HBV& HCV co-infection in HIV- infected patients in India. JCEH, Vol 7(1), Mar 2017.
    2. Puri P, Sharma PK, etal; Liver dysfunction and HBV& HCV co-infection in HIV- infected patients in India. Ind J Gastroenterol 2016 (Under publication)
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    Publications contd...

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      29. Details of Research publications and chapters submitted for publication during 2015 & 2016.
        1. Spectrum of contrast induced nephropathy post coronary angiography. Maj Sandeep kumar, Maj AK Abbot


          Details of papers read & poster presentations by Faculty in  2015 & 2016.

        APICON 2016

        1. Management of ATT hepatotoxicity. Col PK Sharma
        2. Primary hyperparathyroidism (Indian Scenario) : Trends over past two decades Muthukrishnan J
        3. Optimal management of CRF related bone disease 
          Ashutosh Ojha
        4. Pulmonary thromboembolism in soldiers serving in high altitude area. Sandeep kumar
        5. Spectrum of contrast induced nephropathy post coronary angiography. Maj AK Abbot, Maj Sandeep kumar
        6. Dhatura Poisoning : Surg Lt Cdr VA Arun


        1. A rare presentation of primary hyperparathyroidism with brown tumors. Arnab Choudhury, Yashpal Singh
        2. A case of Hoffmans syndrome. RM Verghese, SK Singh, AK Abbot, Y singh
        3. A case of HIV with IRIS. Neelabh Nayan, Sashindran VK, Kaur Navjyot
        4. Topiramate induced angle closure glaucoma nin a case of chronic migraine. VA Arun, YS Sirohi, Yatharth Dixit
        5. Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome in a case of benign generalized joint hypermobility. VA Arun, Kaur Navjyot, Kumar Sharath V
        6. A case of embolic stroke following thrombolysis in STEMI:VA Arun, R Soni
        7. Marfan syndrome: A case report. Behera Sanja Sameer, Kaur Navjyot, Kamal KD, Singh Yashpal
        8. Body composition monitoring and its impact on cardiovascular morbidity in dialysis patients. Arnab Choudhury, Arun Kumar, J Muthukrishnan, Ashutosh Ojha,
        9. A case of non healing leg ulcers. Abhish Mohan, Navjyot Kaur, Sanjeevan Sharma, Sandeep K
        10. A case of HLH secondary to visceral leishmaniasis V Sharath Kumar, Sanjeevan Sharma
        11. Clinical profile of patients with GBS presenting to a tertiary level hospital

        Sonam Zangmo, Aditiya Gupta

        1. An unsual cause of blindness in a case of AIDS : CMV retinitis as IRIS

        S Rawal, Y Dixit, AK Abbott, VK Sashindran,

        1. A case of intractable nausea and vomiting Purohit Pritam, Kaur Navjyot , Sirohi YS, Kanwar Anup
        2.  Acute hypokalaemic paralysis with arsenic trioxide therapy - A rare presentation  SN Chenna Kesava Rao Kuchiraju, Sanjeevan Sharma, Brahamjit Singh

        APICON 2015

        1. Cardiovascular risk assessment in HIV infected patients using carotid intima measurement as a surrogate marker. Manish Bhartiya, Salil Gupta, Vasu Vardhan
        2. Depression in chronic illness.  A study from a tertiary care hospital. Manish Bhartiya
        3. Unusual presentation of IRIS: Neuro IRIS. Manish Bhartiya, Salil Gupta
        4. Multiple Myeloma : an unusual presentation: Aditya Pachysia, Manish Bhratiya
        5. A case of TCA poisoning: Sambit Saundray, Manish Bhartiya
        6. A multicentric RCT of conventional versus tight BP  contol in acute phase of spontaneous hypertensive ICH: Anil Kumar Abbot, Salil Gupta


        Bombay Medical Congress 2015

        1. To study the spectrum of renal involvement in HIV patients. Tashi Dema, RSV Kumar
        2. To study the factors associated with progression to Ankylosing Spondylitis in patients of undifferentiated Spondyloarthropathy. Smriti Sinha, VK singhal
        3. Study of profile and outcome of Management of Febrila Neutropenia in cancer Patients in a tertiary Care Centre. BK Rashmi Yadav, Col Dharmesh
        4. To evaluate the effectiveness of using CGMS in improving mother and fetal outcome in pregnant patients with DM: Makarand Randive, Yashpal Singh

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