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Department of Internal Medicine

Research Topics



    Batch 2013-16




    SLC V A ARUN Study of serum vitamin D levels in people using statins Gp Capt VK Sashindran
    MAJ ARUN VALSAN Cognitive impairment in critically ill Gp Capt VK Sashindran
    MAJ RENJITH VERGHESE Study of thromboprophylactic measures in patients of med/surg ICUs Gp Capt VR Mujeeb
    MAJ SAMBIT SUNDARAY To study the nailfold capillaroscopy findings in systemic sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders Gp Capt S Shankar
    MAJ ANUP KANWAR Study the profile of patients undergoing Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy and complications associated with it Brig RSV Kumar
    MAJ ARNAB CHOUDHARY Body Composition Monitoring And Its Impact On Cardiovascular Morbidity In Dialysis Patients Col J Muthukrishnan SM
    MAJ DHARMENDER Study to estimate the prevalence of OSA in Type 2 DM in tertiary health care centre Gp Capt AVS Anil Kumar
    MAJ SK SINGH Study of gastric emptying time using liquid meal and its relation to GI symptoms, glycemic control and autonomic neuropathy in patients of DM Col Yashpal Singh
    MAJ NIRMALA Profile Of Neuro Cognitive Impairment In Hiv Positive Patients Gp Capt Salil Gupta
    MAJ KHUSHBOO A study to see the therapeutic effect of intra-articular steroids in patients of osteoarthritis knee against NSAIDs Gp Capt AVS Anil Kumar
    MAJ ADITYA VIKRAM PACHISIA Correlation between optic nerve sheath diameter measured by ultrasound and CSF pressure Gp Capt Salil Gupta
    DR RAHUL ROY Clinical and haematological profile in patients of cancer with thrombosis Col Dharmesh
    DR SEEMA REVANKAR Clinical and Biologic Profile of patients of Multiple Myeloma undergoing treatment  at a  Tertiary care centre Col P B Mukherjee
    DR PRASANNA DESHMUKH Study of prevalence of anemia in diabetic patients in tertiary care centre Col J Muthukrishnan SM
    DR SOFIA ALI Profile of lupus nephritis and differences in treatment outcomes in patients after induction with Cyclophosphamide vs MMF Lt Col S Mendonca
    DR CK RAO Clinical profile of patients with DVT and factors associated with under and over coagulation Col Sanjeevan Sharma
    LT COL P PUSPAKUMARA Clinical virological and histological profile of HBV infection in HIV patients Col PK Sharma
    DR SONAM ZANGMO Clinical profile of patients with GBS as defined by modified Ashbury’s criterion presenting to a tertiary care hospital Lt Col Aditya Gupta



















    Batch 2014 - 2017




    Surg Lt Cdr Abhish Mohan

    Clinical And Imaging Profile Of Thyrotoxicosis Patients At A Tertiary Hospital

    Gp Capt Avs Anil Kumar

    Sqn Ldr  Rajneesh Thakur

    Clinical Profile of Recurrent Tuberculosis in HIV/AIDS

    Gp Capt VK Sashindran

    Major  Purohit

    Study of Aquaporin-4 Antibody Positivity in Acquired CNS Demyelination

    Col Sanjeevan Sharma

    Major  Neelabh Nayan

    Study of Tenofovir Toxicity in HIV Positive Patients on Tenofovir- based ART

    Gp Capt VK Sashindran

    Sqn ldr SS Behera

    Arrhythmias In Patients Of Valvular Heart Disease


    Major  Sanjay Singh Rawal

    To study Clinical profile of Decompensated  Cirrhosis at  a tertiary care centre

    Col P K Sharma

     Major Yatharth Dixit

    Clinical profile of cases of Acute Kidney Injury in a tertiary care centre

    Lt Col Satish Mendonca

    Surg Lt Cdr Arnab Ghosh

    Bone Health Parameters In Hiv Positive Patients Not Receiving ART: A Cross Sectional Study


    Dr. Gurulingesh M

    Prevalence of Hep C infection in HIV positive individuals at a Tertiary care centre

    Col Muthukrishnan SM

    Dr. Harshal

    Clinico-pathological profile of lung cancer in females at Tertiary Care Cancer Centre

    Col Dharmesh

    Dr. D Ram Mohan

    Prevalence of Acanthosis Nigricans in Population attending Medical OPD at Tertiary care centre in India

    Col PB Mukherjee

    Maj Sabin Rajbhandari

    Clinical Study Of Anemia In Hiv Patients On Zidovudine Based Art

    Col Siddhartha Mishra

    Dr. V.Sharath Kumar

    A Study Of Profile  Of Stroke Due To Carotid Or Vertebrobasilar Dissection

    Col Muthukrishnan SM

    Surg Lt Cdr N L Ulluvisheva

    Clinical profile of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis

    Aditya Gupta




  • Batch 2012-15

    Name of student



    KD Kamal

    Study of  GIT involvement in HIV patients

    Gp Capt S Shankar

    Vichar Nigam

    Study the etiologies and prognosis of acute decompensation of chronic liver diseases

    Col S Mishra

    Rashmi Yadav

    Study the profile and outcomes of management of febrile neutropenia in cancer patients in a tertiary care center

    Col Dharmesh

    Smriti sinha

    Study factors of progression to ankylosing spondylitis in patients of undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy

    Col V k Singal

    Tashi dema

     To study the spectrum of renal involvement in HIV patients

    BRIG R S V Kumar

    D K Jha

    To study the prevalence of nocturnal non dipper on ambulatory BP monitoring in Type 2 DM

    Col Arun kumar

    Prabhat chauhan

    Study the prevalence of h pylori infection in patients with megaloblastic anemia and to compare the effect of h pylori eradication against vit b12 and folic acid supplementation


    Makarand Ranadive

    To evaluate the effectiveness of continuous glucose monitoring system in improving glycemic control and fetal outcomes in pregnant women with diabetes

    Col Yashpal Singh

    Nikhil Nawale

    Profile of megaloblastic anemia in HIV pts

    Col V N Khanna

    Bhupesh saini

    Study the outcomes of fever with thrombocytopenia of short term duration ( < 3 weeks)

    BRIG N. Naithani

    Natasha kumrah

    Risk factors for recurrence after solitary unprovoked generalized seizures

    Brig A K Tewari

    Anil Kumar Abbot

    A randomized trial of conventional verses tight BP control in the acute phase of spontaneous hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage

    Gp Capt S Gupta