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Department of Orthopaedics

AFMRC Projects

  • Accuracy of achieving correction of varus deformity at knee by medial opening wedge HTO using LRS External fixator in treating predominantly unicompartmental (medial compartment) osteoarthritis of knee.
    Principal Worker: Lt Col H Pande

  • Management of osteonecrosis of head of femur by core decompression and bone marrow concentrate injection
    Col B Harikrishnan

  • RCT to compare the efficacy of two different forms of topical Diclofenac preparations  in patients of acute musculoskeletal injuries” by Brig Yogesh Sharma and Maj Vivek Mathew Philip.
  • Functional outcome of core decompression and fibular strut grafting in  patients of osteonecrosis of head of femur by Col C M Singh.

Department Projects

  • To study the accuracy of pre-operative templating for implant size selection in patients undergoing primary total hip arthroplasty by Maj Akshay Kumar Sharma
  •  To compare the accuracy ofm femoral tunnel placement in anterior cruciate ligament l reconstruction using trans-tibial and antero-medial portal  technique by post operative 3D CT Scan by Surg Lt Cdr Rajiv Ranjan Dubey
  • Role of ischaemic pre-conditioning in post operative pain relief in total knee  arthroplasty: an observational study by Dr Bhabani Shankar Behera
  • To compare the functional outcome following use of Local infiltration analgesia with CSEA versus CSEA alone in patients undergoing Total Knee Arthroplasty: Randomized Controlled Trial” –by Maj Varun Vig.
  • To study post op changes in Hb and PCV values in patients undergoing Primary lower limb arthroplasty”- By Lt Ghullam Sarwar
  • To compare the efficacy of combined use of intravenous and intra- articular injection of tranexemic acid with intra- articular administration alone in reducing blood loss in Primay  Total Knee Arthroplasty: Rndomized Controlled Trial”-By Lt Yeshi Dorji

ICMR projects

  • Assessing awareness on Club foot among primary care givers of children with CTEV by Med Cdt Sarthak; Guide- Lt Col Manish Prasad

  • Fracture risk assessment in post-menopausal elderly women of an urban area using Fracture prediction tools: A cross sectional study by Med Cdt Nishant; Guide- SLC Schezan Iqbal