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Department of Pathology

Research is integral to the ethos of the department and each faculty member is actively pursuing AFMRC and departmental research projects. Undergraduate students are encouraged and assisted in applying for ICMR short term projects. The facilities of Electron Microscopy, Immuno-histochemistry and Molecular Pathology are being used in this direction.

Research Projects


1.         Co-relation of the hormonal status of endometrial carcinoma with the markers of tumor aggression. Histological grade, MIB-1 score, Depth of myometrial invasion and incidence of nodal metastasis.  – Med Cdt Somsubhra Goswami

Departmental Projects

1.         Clinicopath correlation of FSGS and significance of serum suPAR levels in cases of FSGS who present with nephrotic syndrome in a tertiary care hospital. -             Maj Sampath KS

2.         Comparison of various histopathological patterns amongst microsatellite instabilty high and microstable cases in colorectal carcinoma. - Maj K Vinu B

3.         Evaluation of E Cadherin and cyclin D1 in head and neck squamous cell carcinomas as markers of adhesion and clonal expansion           - Maj Khushdeep Kaur

4.         Study of platelet function defects in CML. - Capt Min

5.         Clinicopathological study of astrocytic tumours. - .       Dr Yashveer

6.         Study of tumour associated macrophages density in carcinoma breast. -    Dr Iimtiaz Ahmad

7.         Study of association of p53 expression with molecular subtypes of breast carcinoma. -   Dr Naresh Gupta

8.         Correlation between microsatellite instability and ER, PR and Her2neu in carcinoma breast. - Dr Rajkumar M