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Department of Pediatrics

In addition to the routine facilities, the department has a level III NICU, PICU, an in house lab with microscope, CRP/procalcitonin detection, sodium/potassium/chloride analyzer and blood gas machine. There is also an in-house ultrasound machine which is going to be upgraded to enable echocardiography facility. There is a CAPD machine which is capable of providing rapid dialysis to sick children with renal failure.

Level III Accredited NICU



The Department of Pediatrics has a Level III NICU with twelve radiant warmers. It is equipped with facilities for ventilation, in-house X-ray and ultrasonography, phototherapy and exchange transfusion

Five bedded Level II PICU

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit


The Department has a six-bedded Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, which is equipped with facilities for ventilation, in-house ultrasonography and echocardiography, and CAPD cycler

Procedural Lab

Skills Training


The undergraduate training involves hands-on training for the resuscitation of newborn and child

Dialysis machine

Skills Training

The undergraduates are also taught about comprehensive neonatal care with demonstrations about kangaroo mother care and all other aspects of newborn health.