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Department of Pediatrics
CMEs, Workshops, Research, Conference, Awards


a)         Saturday Clinical Meet:  Presented by Maj Parminde Sing, Resident, Pediatrics under guidance of Lt Col Suprita Kalra, Asst Prof, CH SC on “A case of a typical HUS” n 07 Jan 2017.
b)         PG Quiz: - Maj Gitanjali Jain and Maj Parminder Singh, Resident of the Dept of Pediatrics have won runners up in the National Round of 10th IAP PG Quiz held on 22 Jan 2017 at Bengaluru during the 54th annual conference of IAP (PEDICON-2017)
c)         PEDICON-2017: - Surg Lt Cdr Manas R Mishra, second year resident, Pediatrics was awarded third prize in poster presentation titled “Tuberculosis: A great Mimic of JIA” in PEDIOCN-2017 held at Bengaluru on 20 Jan 2017.
d)         World Kidney Day 17 Mar 2017:-  A workshop on the occasion of World Kidney Day was organised by the Dept of Pediatrics for PG residents on “Peritoneal Dialysis” along with a session on “Difficult to Treat Nephrotic Syndrome”. The event was attended by Maj Gen Madhuri Kanitkar, VSM, Dean & Dy Comdt, AFMC and Dr Jyoti Sharma, Pediatric Nephrologist, KEM Hospital, Pune.
e)         NRP Workshop:- NRP workshop for nursing cadets held in Mar 2017.
f)          Soft Skill Workshop:- Workshop on soft skills was conducted by Dr. Nagpal from Dr. Reddy’s  on 17 Mar 2017.
g)         Saturday Clinical Meet:- Presented by Dr. Ritika Chaudhry, Resident Pediatrics under guidance of Lt Col Sandeep Dhingra, Asst Prof, AFMC on “Infantile Cholestasis” on 03 Jun 2017.
h)         Breastfeeding Workshop:- Breast feeding workshop was organized on 03 Aug 2017 at College of Nursing, AFMC. Keynote address was delivered by Maj Gen Madhuri Kanitkar, VSM, Dean & Dy Comdt, AFMC followed by introduction of theme for breast feeding week by Brig Rakesh Gupta, Prof & HOD, Pediatrics, AFMC.
j)          Faculty Lecture:- Surg Capt KM Adhikari, Prof, Pediatrics, AFMC delivered a faculty lecture on “Ensuring better neuro developmental outcome for children: An investment for next generation” on 10 Aug 2017.  


a)         Brig Rakesh Gupta     

  • COAS Commendation – Jan 2017
  • GOC-in-C Commendation – Dec 2016
  • FIAP – 2016

b)         Surg Capt KM Adhikari

  • FAIMER Fellowship – 2016

c)         Lt Col Sandeep Dhingra

  • GOC-in-C (SC) Commendation – 15 Aug 2017
  • FAIMER Fellowship – 2017

d)         Lt Col Subhash Chandra Shaw

  • GOC-in-C (EC) Commendation – 2017

e)         Maj Safal Muhammed MK

  • Awarded “Surg Capt Barbara Ghosh Gold Medal” for standing first in Advance Course Ending Examination in Mar 2016.
  • Awarded “AFMC Gold Medal” for standing first in MUHS MD (Paed) Examination Jul 2016.




  • A two day Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme conducted by the Dept of Pediatrics titled “Pediatric Critical in the Armed Forces – The way forward” on 14 – 15 Oct 2016.


  • The Department of Pediatrics organized a two day Continuing Medical Education (CME) programme on “Newer Horizons in Pediatrics” on 30-31 Aug 2014.


  • The Department of Pediatrics conducted a CME entitled, “Pediatric Cardiology: Clues & pearls” on 01 Apr 2012. This was conducted in association with Indian Academy of pediatrics, Pune branch, and was attended by postgraduates, faculty and local doctors from Pune. Maj Gen Manoj Luthra, VSM delivered the opening address.


Workshops / Sessions


  • Breast Feeding Workshop 2017: - Breast feeding workshop was held on 03 Aug 2017 at College of Nursing, AFMC. It was inaugurated by Maj Gen Madhuri Kanitkar, VSM, Dean & Dy Comdt, AFMC. Lectures on Physiology & Benefits of Breastfeeding and Initiation and sustaining breastfeeding were delivered. A role play was done by nursing cadets.  Skills station was also organized for hands on training.


  • World Kidney Day 17 Mar 2017: - A workshop on the occasion of World Kidney Day was organized by Dept of Pediatrics for PG residents on “Peritoneal Dialysis” alongwith a session on “Difficult to Treat Nephrotic Syndrome”.  The event was attended by Maj Gen Madhuri Kanitkar, VSM, Dean & Dy Comdt, AFMC and Dr. Jyoti Sharma, Pediatric Nephrologist, KEM Hospital, Pune.

(c) NRP Workshop for nursing cadets held in Mar 2017.

(d) Soft Skills Workshop was conducted on 17 Mar 2017 conducted by Dr Nagpal from Dr. Reddy’s.


(a) A session on ‘Soft Skills in Medicine’ was organized by the Dept of Pediatrics for IX term (X2 batch) Med Cdts on 27 Jul 2016 from 1400 – 1500 hrs at LH Charaka. The session was consisting of interactive lecture-cum-demonstration (videos) on the following.

  • Basics of doctor-patient communication : Surg Cmde SS Mathai,  


  • Breaking bad news     : Surg Capt KM Adhikari



  • PALS provider course was conducted on 04 – 05 Apr 2015 at Hunter Hall, Dept of Surgery.  The course was coordinated by PALS instructors from West Zone of Indian Academy of Pediatrics and conducted by the Dept of Pediatrics, AFMC in association with IAP Pune branch. The course was attended by 36 postgraduate students from Pediatrics, Anesthesiology and medicine from AFMC as well as local Medical Colleges.


  • On the occasion of World breast Feeding week-2015 from 01-07 August 2015, Department of Pediatrics, AFMC, Pune along with College of Nursing, AFMC organized a one day educational programme and Lactational management workshop on 07 Aug 15 at Saraswati Hal, CON. Lt Gen AK Nagpal, VSM, Director and Commandant, AFMC was the Chief Guest for the event. He emphasized the importance of breast feeding newborn babies and infants and appreciated the efforts directed towards educating young nursing cadets and Nursing Officers on the issues related to breast feeding. Major General MD Venkatesh, VSM, Dean and deputy Commandant of AFMC was also present during the event.


  • Ventilation workshop on 23 Nov 2014
  • Breast Feeding Workshop on 06 Aug 2014
  • World Asthma Day celebration on 05 May 2014
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Workshop  (NRP) on 06 Apr 2014
  • Dr. (Lt Col) ATK Rau, Prof & Head, Dept of Pediatrics and Pediatric Hematologist, MS Ramaiah Medical College, Bangalore visited the Dept of Pediatrics and also deliver a talk on “Vignettes in Hematological Diseases in Childhood” on 19 Apr 2014.


  • Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS) Workshop on 06-07 Jul 2013.
  • Symposium on “Childhood Asthma” on 18 May 2013for postgraduates and pediatricians.
  • World Asthma Day celebration-2013: Asthma patient awareness programme-on 05 May 2013


  • RNTCP workshop was organized on 31 Oct 2012.
  • Best Practices in Breast Feeding workshop was organized during the Worlds Breast Feeding Week celebration on 01 Aug 2012.
  • Pediatric Advance Life Support (PALS) Workshop in Jun 2012, and on 13 Oct 2012.
  • Research Methodology Workshop for Post graduates on 30 Sep 2012.
  • Ventilation workshop was organized by the Department of Pediatrics, Command Hospital and AFMC along with the Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Pune Chapter on 27 and 28 Apr 2012.
  • Immunization and health check camp for children of AFMC personnel: was conducted by Department of Pediatrics, and family welfare organization of AFMC on 22 May 2012



1.         Study of chloride levels in children with Diabetic Ketoacidosis who are managed with 0.9% saline for fluid correction, Lt Col Sandeep Dhingra.

2.         Prevalence of subclinical Vitamin K deficiency in early infancy in exclusively breast fed term infants, Lt Col SC Shaw.

3.         Construction of transcutaneous bilirubin nomogram and to study the natural history of jaundice in predominantly breast fed term and near term Indian neonates, Lt Col SC Shaw.

4.         A study to compare the pubertal status of HIV infected versus non infected adolescents, Maj Safal Muhammed MK.

5.         Plasma levels of antiepileptic drugs in children with breakthrough seizures in idiopathic as compared to symptomatic epilepsy, Maj Gitanjali Jain.


                                               ONGOING AFMRC PROJECTS (2015-2017)

1.         Project No. 4611/2015, Serum folic acid levels in pregnant mothers: Are supplementation initiatives making an impact? Surg Capt KM Adhikari.
2.         Project No. 4613/2015, Bone health in children infected with HIV- a cross sectional study, Lt Col Deepak Joshi.
3.         Project No. 4747/2016, Spectrum of Viral Respiratory Pathogens Among Children with Severe Acute Lower Respiratory Infection, Lt Col Sandeep Dhingra.

                                              COMPLETED AFMRC PROJECTS (2013-2016)
1.         Project No. 4374/2013, Comparison of intravenous dopamine, dobutamine and epinephrine in infants with shock, Gp Capt SS Dalal.
2.         Project No. 4488/2014, A study of Hepatitis-A virus seropositivity among children 1-5 years of age: Implications for universal vaccination, Brig Rakesh Gupta.
3.         Project No. 4610/2015, Factors influencing academic performance of children of armed forces personnel, Maj Mrigank Choubey.          
4.         Project No. 4767/2016, Psychological well-being and health of adolescent children of Armed Forces personnel, Lt Col Girish Bhardwaj.

                                    PROPOSED ICMR PROJECTS (UNDERGRADUATES) – 2017
1.         Internet addiction on the rise among adolescents: A wake up call. By Med Cadet Sumit Kumar under guidance of Brig Rakesh Gupta.
2.         Prevalence and determinants of exclusive breast feeding during first 06 months of age. By Med Cadet Shailesh Ishwar under guidance of Gp Capt SS Dalal.

                                    COMPLETED ICMR PROJECTS (UNDERGRADUATES) – 2016
1.         Impact of educational posters on KAP regarding prevention of Respiratory Tract Infections in Children. By Med Cadet Reshma J under guidance of Surg Cmde SS Mathai,VSM.
2.         Awareness about Dengue Fever and its prevention among mothers and/ caretakers visiting Pediatrics OPD. By Med Cadet Surbhi Saxena under guidance of Surg Capt KM Ahikari.