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Department of Pharmacology
Head of the Department

Dr  AK Sharma MBBS, MD(Pharmacology)

Professor & HOD

Area Of Interest : Neuropharmacology, Cardiovascular and Endocrine pharmacology

Service Faculty Members


Lt Col Prafull Mohan

Asst Professor


Lt Col D B Singh Brashier MBBS, MD(Pharmacology)


Area Of Interest : Pharmacogenetics, Cardiovascular Pharmacology


Dr Neha Akhoon



Lt Col Sushil Sharma MBBS, MD(Pharmacology)

Associate Professor

Area Of Interest : Medical Teaching, Pharmacovigilance, Endocrine Pharmacology



Maj Kedar G B



Civil Faculty Members

Dr SM Chavan MBBS


Area Of Interest :Medical Teaching technology, development of AV teaching aids

Dr SK Dubey MBBS


Area Of Interest :Medical informatics, Computer aided teaching learning

Affiliated Faculty Members

Lt Col S K Singh

Assoc Professor



Col S Jaiswal, MBBS,


Assoc Professor

Area of Interest :Teratogenic Pharmacology