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Department of Pharmacology

AFMRC projects: Completed:

    • An experimental study to investigate the interactions of  tianeptine with fluoxetine, tramadol, etoricoxib and amlodipine for its analgesic and antidepressant effects in albino mice: Lt Col Navdeep Dahiya, Dr AK Sharma
    • A study to investigate the efficacy, physical stability and chemical potency of commonly used analgesic agents over a period of two years post their expiry date: Lt Col Sushil Sharma,  Dr A K Sharma
    • Genetic variation of CYP3A and its influence on the pharmacokinetics of Tacrolimus, a calcineurin inhibitor:Lt Col AK Gupta


    Departmental projects:

    • Comparison of drug advertisements published in Indian and foreign journals. Dr A K Sharma, Dr Pem Chuki, Lt Col Navdeep Dahiya.
    • Prevalence of metabolic syndrome in patients on anti-psychotic drug therapy. Dr Pem Chuki, Lt Col AK Gupta.
    • A study to monitor prescription pattern and errors in use of inhalation devices in patients of mild to moderate. Dr Neha Akhoon, Lt Col DBS Brashier


    MUHS STS Project:

    • A study on drug prescribing pattern in upper respiratory tract infection among children in 1-12 year age group: Med Cdt Garvita Agrawal, Lt Col Sushil Sharma