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Department of Physiology



  • 4638/2015  -“A pilot study to evaluate the intervention outcomes in the three subtypes of achalasia as defined by high resolution oesophageal Manometry”. (Pl Wg Cdr Deepanjan Dey)
  •  4536/2014 - “A pilot study comparing endurance, explosive power and strength between healthy subjects in excellent and satisfactory categories of PPT (Physical Proficiency Test)”. (Pl – Lt Col Shelka Dua).


  • 4120/2011 – “A study to assess the aerobic and anaerobic fitness in endurance and resistance trained individuals and correlate it with body composition analysis”. (PI – Wg Cdr Pallavi Goswami)
  • 4121/2011 – “Evaluation of Autonomic functions in case of depression and their modulation by antidepressant medication. (Pl – Lt Col Atul Shekhar)
  • 4285/2012, “A pilot study of the distribution of the ACTN3 genotypes RR,RX and XX in the Indian male population and it’s applicability as predictive markers of power/endurance trainability when selecting candidates for athletic training?”. (Pl – Lt Col S P Singh)


  • Effect of change in body position on resting electrocardiogram in young healthy adults (Student: Supreet Khare, Col Anuj Chawla) ICMR STS – 2010
  • Effect on autonomic function tests and lower esophageal sphincter pressure in Indian smokers.  (Student : Muhammad Aasim Shamim, Guide: Col Anuj Chawla)
  • Study of correlation of expiratory muscle strength and dynamic lung function in healthy adults. (Student : Suman Chatterjee, Guide : Col Anuj Chawla)
  • Autonomic dysfunction in HIV and effects of Anti-retroviral Therapy.(Student: Anmol Sharma, Guide: Lt Col S P Singh)
  • ICMR – Effects of acute sleep deprivation on perceived exertion and exercise capacity in sedentary medical student aged 17-23years. (201403300) (Student : Divya Sharma, Guide : Lt Col SP Singh)
  • To Study Autonomic Function Status in Subclinical Hypothyroid    Patients.(PI-Maj Dipak Hira,  Guide- Col Anuj Chawla)
  • A study to quantify the exercise stress in terms of oxygen consumption and anaerobic threshold in patients of suspected coronary artery disease during conventional treadmill testing. (PI-Capt Shavana R.L Rana, Guide-Col Anuj Chawla)
  • Is Metabolic Equivalent A Good Indicator Of Functional Exercise Capacity In Patients Of Suspected Coronary Artery Disease Undergoing Cardiac Stress Test (TMT) Using Bruce Protocol.       (PI- Dr. Amar Andrews F,  Guide-Lt. Col  S P Singh)
  • Comparison of T-tube trial versus pressure support ventilation in post-operative patients as a spontaneous breathing test for decision to wean off mechanical ventilation. (Capt Yeshashree Rajaure, Guide-Lt. Col  S P Singh)
  • A pilot study to correlate resting cardiovascular autonomic function with post-exercise recovery time in healthy adult males (Maj Binit Kumar, Guide-Col Anuj Chawla)
  • Ventilatory response to CO2 during exercise in patients of Mild and Moderate COPD. (PI: Surg Cdr Sourabh Bhutani, Guide: Lt Col SP Singh)
  • To evaluate a fixed distance field test in healthy males in terms of oxygen consumption and Anaerobic Threshold. (PI: Maj Vittal T, Guide: Surg Cdr Gaurav Sikri)
  • Ventilatory response to change in posture in healthy subjects (PI: Maj Karuni Sahoo, Guide: Col Anuj Chawla)