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Immunohaematology & Blood Transfusion
Haematopoietic Stem Cell

Blood Donation Center

The department has a Blood Donation Centre where blood is collected from voluntary donors. Donors are counseled and adequately screened through questionnaires and physical health check-up before collection. State of the art blood donor couches and blood collection equipments are available.

Blood component production section


Blood Component Production Section

Since 1993 this has been also designated as a Blood Component Separation Centre (BCSC). This department prepares blood components like Packed RBC, Cryoprecipitate, Fresh Frozen Plasma, and Platelet Concentrate. Fully automated refrigerated centrifuges, automated component extractors and storage cabinets for all components are available in aseptic conditions. A computerized central temperature control monitoring system is also available. Quality control of all components is being carried out on a regular basis. Leucodepletion facilities are available for packed RBCs & platelet concentrates.









Apheresis Lab

It is a state of art lab, consisting of advanced cell separators, which are used for selective collection of blood components of high quality and volume along with improved safety to donors as well as recipients. Peripheral blood stem cells & single donor platelets are regularly collected by apheresis method. Therapeutic plasma exchange procedures & therapeutic leukapheresis procedures are regularly carried out. Granulocyte & donor lymphocyte harvests are also performed. Presently, the department is having Fresenius COM.TEC, Fenwal Amicus and Hemonetics MCS+ cell separators. Quality control of all components collected by apheresis is being carried out on a regular basis.






Blood Safety: Screening at ZBTC

The department has been recognized as a Zonal Blood Testing Centre (ZBTC) vide Govt of India Min of Health & Family Welfare, National Aids Control Organization letter No P/12011/2/gr/NACO dated 23 Mar 93 and is functioning as ZBTC since Aug 1993. All the blood donor units collected in this blood bank are tested for HIV I & II antibodies, HBsAg, Anti HCV, Syphilis and Malaria. Other tests like screening for antibody to Hepatitis B core antigen (IgM) and CMV are also being available. This section is under a National External Quality Control Program. Third & fourth generation ELISA techniques are used. NAT testing will be available shortly.










Blood Bank

The Department runs one of the largest Defence Services Blood Banks round the clock, catering to the demands of blood and blood components of 2198 hospital beds located at the three (03) Service Hospitals of Pune-Kirkee complex (Command Hospital (SC),a multi specialty tertiary care referral hospital, Military Hospital Cardio-Thoracic Centre & Military Hospital Kirkee, a specialized orthopaedic & spinal injury hospital. The Blood Bank constantly maintains a stock of 2000 units of all types of blood components including rare groups, to cater for emergencies. Clinicians are advised by the department on specific component therapy to suit individual patient requirement and the appropriate blood component is issued. The monthly collection of blood is around 800 units, most of which (85-90%) is converted into blood components. The Blood Bank airlifted blood/blood components during OP PAWAN in Sri Lanka and during the Bhuj Earthquake.










Immunohaematology Lab

The attached laboratory carries out routine and special investigations pertaining to blood group serology and immunohaematology namely blood grouping and cross matching, Rh confirmation & phenotyping, Direct and Indirect Coomb’s test, Antibody identification and antigen profiling etc. Unexpected low titre antibodies are also detected by Gel technology in the Immunohaematology laboratory, which was introduced in 2003. The lab is equipped with semi-automated & automated machines handling gel card technology. This department is under a National Quality Control Program.





Special Haematology and Coagulation Lab

This lab is equipped with fully automated & semi-automated coagulation analyzer. Complete coagulation profile including thrombophilia profile, lupus anticoagulant & Factor assays are carried out. External quality control for coagulation is carried out with CMC, Vellore. Coagulation lab is also used for quality control of cryoprecipitate and fresh frozen plasma (FFP). This lab also carries out hemoglobin analysis by High Performance Liquid Chromatograghy (HPLC). International quality control for hemoglobin variant assay is carried out from Bio-rad laboratories, Switzerland. ELISA based, Homocysteine assays are also being carried out.






Blood Irradiator

Gamma irradiator kept in this department is used to irradiate blood components which are issued to recipients in specific conditions such congenital immune- deficiency syndrome, immuno-compromised patients, bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell transplant recipients, intra-uterine transfusions, premature infants receiving exchange transfusions as well as in multiply transfused patients of hematologic malignancies. It is primarily used to prevent Transfusion associated Graft versus Host Disease (TA-GvHD).






Haematopoietic Stem Cell Lab

A Haematopoietic Stem Cell Lab (HSCL) was established at this dept in Dec 2000. The HSCL is being used to provide safe Autologous & Allogeneic Haematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation facilities to the needy patients at the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit of Command Hosp (SC), Pune. More than 100 cases have undergone Autologous & Allogeneic transplantation for hemato-lymphoid malignancies, out of which several cases have undergone successful engraftment. The department also processes and cryopreserves Haematopoietic Stem Cells. State of the art, Immuno-magnetic cell selection system is available for positive & negative selection to ensure a highly concentrated CD34 product, free of contaminating malignant cells & lymphocytes.








Blood Donation Camps

Blood Donation Camps include both Voluntary blood donation camps organized in civil institutes / firms/ organizations & in army units/ Cat A establishments. 55 blood donation camps have been organized till date in 2018, with a total collection of more than 4500 blood units.

Civilian Camp     :       11

 Army camps         :        44










Museum & Library

The department has a unique gallery of photographs of blood transfusion services during world wars and how various events lead to innovations in this field. It also has a unique collection of vintage equipments used in transfusion services, equipments used in preparation of IV fluid & plasma products. It also has various contributions from eminent personalities in this field. The department has its own library with a large number of books, journals & periodicals.