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Department of Dental Surgery & Oral Health Sciences
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    Computer aided design and computer aided machine is an advanced digitalized equipment that helps in designing and manufacturing of metal free restorations  in a short span of time. It has the advantage of elimination of laboratory steps and has revolutionized the field of prosthodontics in terms of time and elaborative procedures.





    Rapid Prototyping/ 3D printing is an additive procedure where an object is built by incremental deposition of suitable material layer by layer. It has proven its application in diagnostic, treatment planning and therapeutic purposes in oral health sciences. Various types of 3D printing technologies are in vogue now a days namely SLA, FDM, Polyjet etc






    CBCT imaging technique is a variation of traditional Computed Tomography (CT). CBCT data are used to reconstruct 3D images of the teeth and associated craniofacial structures in a much lesser radiation than traditional CT.







    TMJ Arthroscopy has an ability to directly visualize and diagnose temporomandibular joint disorders by correlation and inspection of the anatomical structures. Various surgical procedures of temporomandibular joint can also be performed with this minimally invasive technique.






    Ultrasound is the form of mechanical energy (not electrical). Normal human sound range is from 16 Hz to 20000 Hz (in children and young adult). Beyond this upper limit the mechanical vibration known as ultrasound. The frequencies used in therapy are typically between 1.0 and 3.0 MHz.





    Dental peziotome is an ultrasonic generator that greatly aid in bone cutting efficiency with minimal bone loss.







    The Total Alloplastic Temporomandibular joint replacement is a recently added surgical modality in management of end stage temporomandibular joint replacement. With the help of TMJ replacement and orthognathic surgery can provide a complete rehabilitation of patient in one surgical plan.





    Acoustic Pharyngometry is a modern diagnostic method based on physical principle of acoustic reflection. It is useful for volumetric analysis of oro-pharyngo-laryngeal spaces.





    Halimeter is an advanced diagnostic equipment to detect and quantify halitosis(foul breath). Presence of halitosis is a clinical sign of putrification and presence of bacterial activitiy in the oral cavity resulting in production of volatile sulphur compounds such as hydrogen sulphide and methyl mercaptans which contributes to periodontal disease. This dental chair side equipment is extremely helpful in diagnosis and management of advanced periodontal diseases.





    Diode Lasers with a wave length 655-980nm have been widely used in conventional periodontal therapy. Photodynamic equipment has been recently introduced and it uses low level diode Laser  of 660nm  wave length to destroy bacterial strains. The presence of bacterial biofilm on the tooth or root surface is a major factor causing gingivitis and periodontitis. Mechanical removal of the biofilm and adjunctive use of antibiotics have been the conventional methods of periodontal therapy. Photodynamic equipment uses a photosensitizer that binds to the target cells and activated by low level diode laser, which in turn produces free radicals that are toxic to the cells and selectively destroys the microbes in presence of host cells.



  • Florida Probe

  • This is a second generation periodontal probe which measures the pocket depth and simultaneously records it in a computer.


  • Periotron

  • The Periotron is an instrument designed to quantify submicrolitre          volumes of gingival crevicular fluid sampled on a filter paper strip.Periotron Scores can also be analysed.
  • Periotest

  • The Periotron is an instrument designed to measure the grade of mobility of a tooth. Its ideal both for measuring the mobility of the tooth as well as implants. The measurements are also audible so that it acts as an education tool for the patients.
Periodontal Microscope
  • Periodontal Microscope

  • This instrument is widely and efficiently used for performing all the types of periodontal microsurgeries. It can be fixed to the floor or mounted on the wall or ceiling.

Fixed Prosthodontics

  • Fixed Prosthodontics (PFM and All ceramic restorations, inlays and onlays, post and core restorations, anterior and posterior fixed partial dentures, full mouth rehabilitations and management of occulsal disorders).
  • Removable Prosthodontics

  • Removable Prosthodontics (complete dentures, metal based dentures, flexible dentures, over dentures, telescopic dentures, immediate dentures and  cast partial dentures).
  • Maxillofacial Prosthodontics

  • Maxillofacial Prosthodontics (Obturators, Surgical appliances Eye, Ear, Nose, Finger prostheses and magnet retained prosthesis).
  • Dental Implants

  • Dental Implants (Conventional loading and immediate loading Implants. Implant supported overdentures, single to multiple restorations with endosseous implants).
  • Esthetic Dentistry

  • Esthetic Dentistry (Bleaching, composite and porcelain veneers, smile design and corrections).

Fixed orthodontic treatment


Removable orthodontic treatment


Treatment with temporary anchorage device (Implants)

Preventive and Interceptive orthodontics


Orthodontic management of cleft lip and cleft palate cases

Pre-surgical and Post Surgical orthodontic treatment for cases for orthognathic surgery


Clear Aligner Therapy


Maxillofacial trauma management






Distraction Osteogenesis

Total alloplatic Temporoandibular Joint replacement

Reconstructive maxillofacial surgery


Orthognathic Surgery