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Department of Forensic Medicine


AFMRC Projects – Completed

  • Development of Protocol for DNA Profiling (identity) and Repository for Armed Forces Personnel.
  • Medical certification of cause of death: Present status in tertiary care hospital of AFMS .
  • Epidemiology of Medico-legal deaths at medico legal post-mortem centre at AFMC, Pune.
  • A study of quantity and quality of extracted DNA from degraded and contaminated body tissues, a pilot project.

 AFMRC Projects – Ongoing

  • Association of Body Mass Index with coronary artery disease and chronic kidney disease : An autopsy study

PG  Project/Dissertations – Completed

  • An Autopsy Study of Coronary artery Disease in Young.
  • Histological & Immuno-histochemical study of Diffuse Axonal Injury in Head Injury due to Blunt Force Trauma- An Autopsy Study.
  • Estimation of Various Measurements of Hyoid Bone and its Association with Sex of the Individual- An Autopsy Study.
  • Study of pattern of fusion of skull sutures using skull radiography and its association with documented age.
  • Estimation of alcohol levels in the body using breath alcohol analyzer in medico legal cases reporting to the casualty in a tertiary care hospital and its association with severity and nature of injuries.
  • Assessment of Injury Severity Score (ISS) among brought Dead cases and survivors of Road Traffic Accidents.
  • Age Estimation using Demirjian Method and Kvaal Method by Digital Orthopantomograph and its Association with Documented Age.

PG  Project/Dissertations – Ongoing

  • Correlation between time since death, red green blue score of corneal opacity and intra ocular pressure
  •  A study of association between fingerprint pattern and ABO blood group at a medicolegal centre of tertiary care hospital in South-Western Maharashtra
  • Pattern of Neck injuries in cases of asphyxial death resulting from constricting force around the neck during autopsy in a tertiary care hospital in Western Maharashtra