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Department of Orthopaedics
Sr No Publication
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08 Ashish Pande, Ajit P. Bhaskarwar: assessing the effect of per operative injection of tranexamic acid in patients undergoing arthroscopic Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction; IJORO



CME’s/Conferences/academic Activities


1 Brig AD Sud, Prof & HoD took a Lecture on Hand fractures at Intercommand CME in Chandimandir on 20-21 Oct 2018
2 Brig AD Sud, Prof & HoD took a lecture on management of Prosthesis Dislocation following Total Hip Replacement at Cadaveric Workshop on total hip replacement at KIMS Hyderabad on 09 Dec 2018.
3 Brig AD Sud, Prof & HoD chaired a session on Management of Cartilage defects-recent advances at OACON Pune on 01 Sep 2018.
4 Brig AD Sud, Prof & HoD took a lecture on Principles of lower limb amputation at CRE on Principles of Amputee Rehabilitation on 11-12 May 2019.
5 Undergradute orthopedic workshop in Illuminati 2018 on 12 Aug 2018: hands-on trg on basic orthopedic splinting, POP application and spine immobilization was done for 50 students pursuing MBBS at different medical colleges in India
6 Station clinical Meet of Aug 2018: Maj Kamparsh Thakur presented series of cases on “Joint Preservation in Osteoarthritis of Knee” and Lecture on the HTO(High Tibial Osteotomy) was given by Col C M Singh, Assoct Prof.
7 Station Clinical Meet of July 2019: Maj Rajiv Kaul Presented series of cases on “Deformity Correction using Ilizarov” and lecture on Ilizarov Method of deformity correction was given by Col C M Singh, Assoct Prof


Special Achievement and Awards


1 Lt Col Manish Prasad selected as the Maharashtra state representative for ASAMI India
2 Lt Col Manish Prasad selected for 08 weeks(04 weeks in India and 04 weeks in Vienna, Austria) of fellowship in deformity correction and limb lengthening