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Department of Orthopaedics


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Principle worker

Co- worker


Comparative study of functional outcome of arthroscopic anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using anatomic anteromedial portal and all inside techniques

Col C M Singh, VSM



To study the accuracy of varus correction of knee by medial opening wedge osteotomy by using self-aligning external fixator and plate

Col C M Singh, VSM



Efficacy of Arthoscopic Bankart’s repair in prevention of recurrent dislocation after Primary Post Traumatic anterior Glenohumeral dislocation in young (High demand individuals)

Lt Col Manish Prasad

Brig A D Sud


To assess knee injuries following 09 feet ditch jump in serving soldier

Maj Rajiv R Dubey

Lt Col Manish Prasad

Projects Put up for approval


Clinical and Radiological evaluation of leg length discrepancy in patients of fracture neck of femur undergoing Hemi-Replacement Arthroplasty by determining level of cuts using Scale Pre-operative radiographs 

Maj Kamparsh Thakur

Lt Col Manish Prasad


Comparison of Ponseti casting with and without additional equinus in CTEV patients

Maj Kamparsh Thakur

Lt Col Manish Prasad


Department projects (Dissertations undergoing in the department)



To compare the functional outcome following use of total infiltration analgesia with CSE analgesia versus CSE analgesia alone in patients undergoing Total Knee Arthroplasty

Maj Varun Vig
Brig A D Sud


To study post-operative changes in Hemoglobin and Packed cell volume (PCV) values in patients undergoing primary lower limb arthroplasty

Lt Ghullam Sarwar
Col C M Singh, VSM


To compare the efficacy of combined use of intravenous and intra- articular injection of tranexemic acid with intra- articular administration alone in reducing blood loss in Primay  Total Knee Arthroplasty: Rndomized Controlled Trial”

Capt Yeshi Dorji
Col A K Mishra


A case control study to assess the relationship between genralised ligamentous laxity & musculoskeletal injuries

Maj Tirthankar Dasgupta
Brig A D Sud


Accuracy of achieving correction of varus deformity at knee by medial opening wedge HTO using proximal medial tibial locking plate in treating predominantly uni-compartmental (medial compartment) osteoarthritis of knee

Maj Gopinath V
Col C M Singh, VSM


CT scan assessment of femoral & tibial tunnel placement in ACL reconstruction via anteromedial portal vs all inside arthroscopic technique: A pilot RCT

Maj Imroz Jindal
Col A K Mishra