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Department of Pathology
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Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)


   The TEM plays a vital role in detecting ultra structural pathology in various tissues which is utilized as a diagnostic and research tool

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The department has recently acquired 10 colors, 3 laser Flowcytometer with extended panel of antibodies for clinical and research work in Hematology and immunology.

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Karyotyping and FISH are available as a diagnostic and research tools utilized for various constitutional genetic disorders, hemato-oncology and solid tumors

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Fully automated 5 part differential hematology analyzer


This sophisticated and modern hematology analyzer delivers high quality blood reports which is utilized for day to day patient care

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Liquid Based Cytology


Exfoliative cytological examination from cervical samples and other body fluids are processed from this advanced technique

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DNA (Sanger) Sequencer


This genetic analyzer with 24 capillaries has key role in detection of genomic alterations in genetic disorders and cancer research

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Department has extensive panel of antibodies utilized in various solid tumors which are relevant in diagnostics, prognostics and even targeted therapeutics

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Pathology Museum


The department has exhaustive collection of pathological of academic importance. The museum also has audio and video interactions for all the specimens