Armed Forces Medical College


To provide quality education and training in pharmacy to Armed Forces personnel and mould them into competent pharmacists, to enable them to dispense medicines and provide patient counselling to prevent drug-drug interaction in Armed Forces Medical Unit


The mission is focused in the areas of Pharmacy education, research and practice.

Education:- To create a student-centric learning environment and to provide a dynamic  educational experience and prepare the students to develop and apply abilities to provide comprehensive medication management and inventory management in Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS) in peace and war.

Research:- To impart new knowledge by developing and participating in  research programs in pharmaceutical sciences and patient care through multi-disciplanary involvement and improve quality of patient care in AFMS.

Practice:- To enable our pharmacists to provide and contribute to good medication practices, learn to counsel about Drug-Drug Interaction and cultivate an attitude of skill-based, patient friendly and participatory healthcare delivery.


  • To provide holistic training with formative and summative assesment to pharmacist in AFMS.
  • To inculcate focus in patient care,research and learn best pharmacy practices.
  • To improve the infrastructure, staff, equipment, training pedagogy as per the requirement of PCI and AICTE.
  • To train them for employment in AFMS during peace and war.
  • To train them in emergency management/ disaster management.




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