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Department of Physiology

The Department conducts functional evaluations and provides diagnostic support to clinical departments through the following facilities:

Orthostatic Stress Test laboratory

Orthostatic Stress Test laboratory

This facility records and analyses the cardiovascular responses to a 70 degree foot supported head up tilt for 45 minutes. The test plays an important role in assessing autonomic function and for the evaluation of patients with syncope of unknown etiology.

Pulmonary Function Test laboratory

Pulmonary Function Test laboratory

Spirometric lung functions are assessed in this laboratory using a microprocessor based turbine type pneumotachometer

Gastro-intestinal laboratory

Gastro-intestinal laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with a state of the art Gastro-Intestinal manometer to record and analyse real time pressures in the upper gastro-intestinal tract which are valuable in diagnosing motility disorders of the upper gastro-intestinal tract. The laboratory also has facilities for 24 hour ambulatory pHmetry which is the gold standard for diagnosing Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

Electroencephalography laboratory

EEG laboratory

The department specializes in recording and analyzing paediatric EEG







Polysomnography laboratory

This facility is housed in the Psychiatry Complex of the Command Hospital Pune and is used for conducting sleep studies in collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry AFMC


Exercise Testing laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with Cycle Ergometers which can be used for fitness assessment, stress testing, as well as in research, sports medicine and rehabilitation.









  • Autonomic Function Testing laboratory

Equipped with Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy Analysis system [ CANWIN], this laboratory analyses both sympathetic and parasympathetic response of the patient to a battery of six tests, using TachoCardioGram [TCG] and automatic NiBP.






Renovated Clinical Physiology Lab










Body Composition analysis laboratory

This facility is equipped with a whole-body immersion tank to estimate body density, bio-impedance based body composition analysis systems and skin fold thickness calipers