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Department of Physiology




4832/2016 – “Rapid Induction of troops in HAA with pharmacological intervention L A three axis study on Rhenock-Zulup-Kupup, Tenga-Khirmu and Leh-Manali Axis. (PI -Lt Col SP Singh, Lt Col Srinivasa A Bhattachar)

4834/2017 – “To evaluate the effect of slow deep breathing on resting parameters and exercise recovery in young male adults with pre-hypertension-A pilot study. (PI -Lt Col Dharmendra Kumar)

5137/2019 – “Effect of sleep deprivation on alertness of junior residents in clinical specialities.
(PI -Lt Col Raksha Jaipurkar)


4120/2011 – “A study to assess the aerobic and anaerobic fitness in endurance and resistance trained individuals and correlate it with body composition analysis”. (PI – Wg Cdr Pallavi Goswami)
4121/2011 – “Evaluation of Autonomic functions in case of depression and their modulation by antidepressant medication. (Pl – Lt Col Atul Shekhar)
4285/2012, “A pilot study of the distribution of the ACTN3 genotypes RR,RX and XX in the Indian male population and it’s applicability as predictive markers of power/endurance trainability when selecting candidates for athletic training?”. (Pl – Lt Col S P Singh)
4536/2014 - “A pilot study comparing endurance, explosive power and strength between healthy subjects in excellent and satisfactory categories of PPT (Physical Proficiency Test)”. (Pl – Lt Col Shelka Dua).
4638/2015  -“A pilot study to evaluate the intervention outcomes in the three subtypes of achalasia as defined by high resolution oesophagealManometry”. (Pl- Lt Col Binit Kumar)
4801/2016 – “A study of role of gastro-esphagal reflux in etiopathogenesis and response to treatment in patients of bronchial asthma. (PI – Lt Col Shelka Dua)



Assessment of Effects of Market Energy Drinks and Sports Drinks on Rated Perceived Exertion (RPE) and Aerobic Capacity as well as Heart Rate and Blood Pressure at Maximal Exercise. 
(Student: Anirudh Anil Kumar,  Guide: Surg Capt Gaurav Sikri)

To study the cardiorespiratory changes in individuals after short term slow pranayama exercises. 
(Student: Pranshul Agarwal,  Guide: Lt Col Surbhi Vashisht)

Factors affecting academic performance of medical undergraduates.
(Student: Siddharth Gogate,  Guide: Lt Col Srinivasa A Bhattachar)

“An analytical study to validate Astrand-Rhyming Normogram for prediction of VO2 max in Indian health adult male population”
PI :Maj Swapnil K Saikhedkar Guide : Surg Capt Gaurav Sikri

“Evaluation of chronotropic response to maximal exercise in patients with Type 2 diabetes mellitus : a quantitative analytical study
PI : Wg Cdr Pramod Thombre Guide : Surg Capt Gaurav Sikri

“An observational cross sectional study to use Canadian shuttle run test for prediction of VO2 max and compare with direct VO2 max measurement using cardiopulmonary exercise testing equipment in healthy adult Indian population.
PI : Maj Abhilash Unnikrishnan  Guide : Lt Col VK Malhotra

To compare heart rate variability and post exercise recovery in obese & non obese Indian males a cross-sectional observational study
PI : Maj Rahul Manral Guide :Surg Capt Gaurav Sikri

Effect of sleep deprivation on mood states of junior residents in clinical specialities at a tertiary care hospital : A Prospective observational study
PI : Dr Swati Sagarika Panda  Guide : Lt Col Raksha Jaipurkar

To study the effect of exercise on spirometry in obese and non obese adult Indian males : An Experimental study 
PI : Dr Priya Joshi  Guide :Surg Capt Gaurav Sikri
Daytime sleepiness and cognitive functions in Type 2 diabetes mellitus patients in Indian population: A cross sectional Study 
PI : Maj Pundage Ranganath B  Guide : Lt Col Raksha Jaipurkar

A cross sectional study of serum vitamin D levels in bronchial asthma patients.
PI : Maj Shasidharan K  Guide : Surg Capt Gaurav Sikri




The Department of Physiology, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune organized Continuing Medical Education Programme on the topic “CME: Environmental and Military Medicine” on 22 and 23 Jul 2016.