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Department of Psychiatry


The Department of Psychiatry was established in 1970. The First professor Maj S B Chatterjee laid the foundation of this department. The department, in the initial years occupied offices in small barracks behind the Anatomy department. In April 1998, the department moved to the Golden Jubilee Block.

Surg. Cmde. Kaushik Chatterjee is the current Professor and Head of Department. His areas of research interest are History of Medicine, Addiction Psychiatry and Personality Disorders.




Mission Statement

1.Training and Research :

The Department of Psychiatry contributes to the field of Mental Health by working towards the highest standards of clinical care, training, research and creative endeavours. It aims to cultivate competence and dedication in every student and faculty member for life-long learning to achieve their highest potential and to make the department a true centre of excellence.


2. Evidence based Patient care:

a. The department of psychiatry aims to encourage learning among Medical Cadets, Residents, Nursing and Paramedical students about the concepts and nature of human behaviour, mental illnesses and the application of this learning to provide effective evidence based Mental Health Care.

b. They are empowered with knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare them as the next generation mental health care providers and to develop strengths that reflect commitment to integrity, teamwork, excellence and innovation.


3. Tertiary care:

The Department provides comprehensive tertiary Mental Health Care to patients and professional support to all Armed Forces Psychiatry Centres.

Courses offered
•           MBBS
•           MD Psychiatry
•           MD (On rotation)

                • Medicine
                • Paediatrics
                • Physiology

•           Bsc Nursing
•           Msc Psychiatric Nursing
•           Msc Nursing (On rotation)

                • Orthopedics and rehabilitation
                • Intensive care


Post Graduate Training

The post graduate residency programme is elaborate and Training is imparted in various sub-specialties including Adult psychiatry, Child psychiatry, Geriatric psychiatry, Addiction psychiatry, Military psychiatry, Biological psychiatry, Social psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Clinical psychology.


Facilities available

Facilities which are available in the department include - Inpatient psychiatric service, Outpatient treatment, Child Guidance Clinic, Memory clinic, Deaddiction clinic etc. The Psychometry lab of this department caters to clinical and diagnostic evaluation of patients as well as personality profiling and behavior modification of entrant medical cadets. Department has been in the forefront of generating guidelines, developing psychological tests & software and publishing books in keeping with requirements of Military Psychiatry, Psychiatric education and research. Newer neuromodulatory techniques like Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and Transcranial Direct Cortical Stimulation are also available.


Outreach activities

Regular outreach activities, school visits and community programmes are carried out in which the undergraduates and postgraduates actively participate. Participation in rural mental health in collaboration with Community medicine department is also included for purpose of training, treatment, empowerment and advocacy. The department is actively involved in conducting annual workshops in various topics of psychological and psychiatric relevance which are highly attended by the faculty and post graduate students from west zone medical colleges.

The department has spearheaded mental illness awareness at national level during COVID-19. Apart from producing many mental health advisories for Healthcare Workers, elderly, frontline workers and military personnel, it has brought out ‘9 steps of positive well-being’ for the Indian population at large in collaboration with the office of Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India. The department is currently involved in developing a Digital Positive Mental Health platform in collaboration with office of Principal Scientific Advisor, Government of India, NIMHANS and CDAC Bengaluru.




Research Work


The Department of Psychiatry has been active in research.Research has been carried out on varied topics like association of life events of soldiers with psychopathology in their children, Mental health of temporarily separated family members, volumetric analysis of brain regions of patients with alcohol dependence syndrome, role of cognitive enhancers in electroconvulsive therapy induced cognitive deficits, management of problem drinkers at unit level, development of scales for assessment of life events of serving personnel, scales for quality of life of military families, empathy among medical students etc.  

Currently, translational research in collaboration with various centres of eminence is underway . Telomerase length in Alcohol Dependence Syndrome study with ICMR, Gut microbiota in various psychiatric disorders study with ICMR-NCCS etc.