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Dept of Radiodiagnosis

Research Topics

  • Efficacy of Percutaneous Fluoroscopy guided Ozone Intervertebral Disc Nucleolysis: Brig Vivek Sharma
  • Contrast Enhanced M R Mammography for evaluation of the contra-lateral breastin patients with diagnosed unilateral breast cancer or high risk lesions: Col S Chatterjee
  • Development of Perfusion software for calculating hemodynamic parameters for perfusion MR Studies: Vijayakumar, Scientist "E"
  • Application of artificial neural network, fuzzy, neuro – levelset algorithms in identifying intra cranial tumors in MR images automatically: Vijayakumar, Scientist "D"
  • Development of Volumetric software to calculate volumes in 3D MR images: Vijayakumar, Scientist "E" • Assessment of liver iron load by MRI: Col S Chatterjee
  • MRI correlation of Internal Derangement of Temporomandibular joint. Col J Debnath
  • Role of Perfusion CT in grading of Gliomas and comparison with MRI grading by correlating with the histopathological examination findings. Col V K Maurya
  • To evaluate the efficacy of MR venography as compared to ultrasonography in diagnosis of pelvic and lower extremity DVT. Gp Capt Mukul Bhatia