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Department of Surgery


The department of surgery has a unique ‘War Surgery’ museum with an eye for military and warfare related issues. The museum has an inimitable exhibition of small and medium sized ammunition of various types, collection of war surgery photographs from various campaigns, artificial limb prostheses available in the Armed Forces, a specific section dealing with surgery in relation to cold injuries and missile injuries. There are sufficient elaborations on the impact of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare.


Various prostheses displayed in the museum

Various prosthesis used since their advent have been displayed in the war museum.They provide a glimpse into the history and innovation that went into the design and provide a Platform for improvisation and a better understanding for the modern prosthetics and orthotics commonly employed nowadays in foot care.

Laparoscopic trainers

Laparoscopic trainers in SSL

A set of six laparoscopic trainers (Ethicon) are placed in the SSL.It provides a hands on training in basic and advanced laparoscopic skills which is availed by the trainees and Undergraduates.There are various levels with tasks displayed on the monitors  which help in  improving  the handling of the laparscopic instruments by providing excellent simulation.


Surgiocal Skill 1

Surgical Skills Lab

A new Surgical skills lab (SSL) has been established in the main edifice on the first floor of the Main building.Apart from the laparoscopic simulators it houses Mannequins on which common surgical procedures like intercostal drainage,Ryle’s tube insertion,Foley’s cathetrisation,Palpation of breast lumps,Endotracheal intubation and various suturing techniques can be practiced.This is used for conducting various workshops and suture practicums for the surgery trainees and the paramedics

Surgiocal Skill 1